Panasonic LC2H Total Series Total Electronic LCD Counters

Panasonic LC2H total is DIN half-size total counters indicating large characters. The flush mount type has a built-in battery and doesn't require an external power supply. A PC-board-mount type is also available. Easy-to-read character height increased from 7 mm to 8.7 mm/ .276 inch to .343 inch. Counting Speed Switchable between 2 kHz and 30 Hz. Panel Mounting Type Features 2 Installation Methods. Comes with very easy one-touch installation type and also installation frame type that uses the bracket on the timer/counter. Choose a method that suits the application. Battery Replacement Easy on Environment. To replace battery simply remove body for the one-touch installation type, and remove battery lid for the installation frame type. Screw Terminals Designed for Safety. Built in finger protection. Panel Covers Replacable(Standard color is ash gray.) Change the panel design by replacing with a black panel cover. Conforms to IP66 Protective Construction (Only installation frame type.) (Front panel surface). Backlight Type Added to Series and Now 2-color Switchable (green/red). Easy viewing even in dark places and switchable between green and red(Voltage input type). Compliant with UL, c-UL and CE.

LC2H Total Series

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    Product Type: Counters

    LC2H-FE-FV-30 Panasonic Total Counter, 24-240V, IP66, front reset button, 30 Hz counting speed, one touch installation type, 7-segment LCD w/8.7mm character height.
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