Edwards Signaling FSRRM24 Series Remote Relay Module

Edwards Signaling FSRRM24 Remote Relay Module is one component of the system that sets the Fire Shield ahead of its class. The module has five Form C relays rated at 1 amp each. It can be configured to function in either a zone relay mode or a common system mode. When configured in the zone relay mode, relays energize when the associated IDC is in the alarm state. The module can be configured for activation by IDCs 1-5 or 6-10. One relay is automatically associated with each IDC. When configured in the common system mode, relays energize or de-energize when the panel changes state. One relay is available for each of the following functions: Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble, Power and monitor. Kidde FSRRM24 mounts on a plastic snap track (included) or the FSRRM-S11 (optional) extended snap track. Each FSRRM-S11 holds up to 4 FSRRMs. Using either snap track the FSRRM can be installed in the MFC-A multi function cabinet or another listed fire alarm enclosure. Panels will support two RRMs of each configuration for a total of six on the 10-zone panel.

FSRRM24 Series

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  • Kidde remote relay module

    Edwards Signaling

    Product Type: Modules

    Edwards Signaling E-FSC Remote Relay Module, 30VDC 1A contact rating, configuration for zone mode - 10 zone panel: 4; 3 or 5 zone panel: 2, configuration for commond mode - all panels: 2.
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