WIKA Model 910.24 Mini-Siphons

The WIKA mini-siphon is designed specifically to replace the old pigtail and coil siphon. The mini-siphon has a thermal barrier which protects the pressure gauge from harmful steam, hot vapors and liquids, and contains a unique inner chamber that reduces pressure surges and "water hammer". The mini-siphon also eliminates gauge whip and vibration that is typically found on traditional siphons by mounting the gauge closer to the process. When the mini-siphon is first installed, it is recommended to be filled with water or any other suitable separating liquid.

Model 910.24

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  • WIKA 50673670 Pressure Gauge Mini Siphon


    Product Type: Siphons

    WIKA Type 910.24 Pressure Gauge Mini Siphon, 1/2" NPT, 6092 PSI, Stainless Steel, Mini Siphon for Pressure Gauge.
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