Mar Cor FiberFlo® Hollow Fiber Cartridge Filters

Hollow Fiber Crossflow Filtration

FiberFlo TF 1680 Cartridges are made using the unique polysulfone hollow fiber membranes available only from Mar Cor Purification. The TF Cartridge is available in a pore size of 0.1µm and 0.05µm, 0.2µm & 0.45µm pore sizes are available for pre-assessment.

Dependable Membrane Performance

The Hollow Fiber membrane is produced in a registered FDA medical device facility under an extensive quality program compliant with ISO 13485:2003 standard. Each membrane lot is tested to rigorous standards resulting in very consistent performance not only within each lot but also from lot to lot.

Hollow Fiber Membrane Structure

Ideal for separation and purification applications, the polysulfone fibers have a graded pore size structure with a "skin" on the inside of the fibers. Fluids, even with varying viscosities, flow easily through the center of the fibers (inside the lumens) with the skin resistant to fouling by materials in the fluids.

Product Configuration

FiberFlo TF 1680 cartridges are available for use in pilot and small production scale environments; stainless steel housing required. The TF 1680 cartridges have much higher membrane surface area than small scale laboratory capsules, also available from Mar Cor Purification, making them ideal for scale up from laboratory batch volumes to pilot and small production batch volumes.

Typical Applications

The Microfiltration membranes are ideal for many applications in biotechnology that include:

  • Latex microparticle washing & coating
  • Cell concentration
  • Cell Debris removal
  • Cell harvest
  • Cell perfusion
  • Multi-particle washing


Each cartridge has a unique serial number etched into the case. Each is packaged in two sealed plastic pouches. Each shipping carton also contains a Certificate of Compliance and the Directions for Use.

FiberFlo TF 1680

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  • Cantel (Mar Cor) Fiberflo TF 1680 Hollow Fiber Cartridge

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    Mar Cor FiberFlo TF 1680 Polysulfone Hollow Fiber Cartridge, 0.1 micron abs, 0.28 in OD Polysulfone Hollow Fibers in Polysulfone cartridge cage, Urethane potted flow ends, 30 psi max trans-membrane pressure @ 25 C. Sold in case of 6.
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