Edwards Signaling F-DACT Series Dual Line Dialer

Edwards Signaling F-DACT optional DACT/Dialer is a multifuntion communications module that provides communications, modem capability, and LCD display functions. Its primary function is as a Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT). As a DACT, it transmits event messages to a Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR) at a monitoring facility. The monitoring facility then notifies the fire department and other responsible parties of the event. Programmable options include single or dual reporting to two DACRs. Kidde DACT module can also be used as a modem to connect the panel to both a local and remote computers for uploading and downloading of configuration data (programming), panel status and event history. For security, the modem can be configured to accept programming on incoming calls or it can be required to call a preprogrammed number before accepting downloads and sending uploads. The DACT module can be configured to work as all of the above, or as only an LCD display or LCD display and modem.

*NOTE: The F-DACT cannot be used with a one zone fire alarm panel. If the application requires the F-DACT Dialer, you must purchase a panel with three or more zones.

F-DACT Series

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  • Kidde F DACT dialer

    Edwards Signaling

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    F-DACT Edwards Signaling E-FSC Series Digical Communicator/Modem/LCD Module, mounts in control panel.
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