Oriental Motor PKP Series 2-Phase Bipolar Stepper Motors

High-torque, 2-phase bipolar stepper motors and geared type stepper motors offer the optimum performance and value. In addition to offering high torque, the PKP series stepper motors offer more variety of electrical specifications, more frame sizes, encoder options and electromagnetic brake options for the right solution in stepper motors.

  • Offers 1.2 ~ 1.7 Time More Torque
  • 1.8° (200 pulse/rev) & 0.9° (400 pulse/rev)
  • Spur Gear or Planetary Gear Types
  • Flat Motor types with or without Harmonic Gear available for space saving and greater inertia matching
  • Bipolar (4 lead wires)
  • Encoders - 200 or 400 Lines of Resolution
  • Electromagnetic Brake Type
  • Bipolar Stepper Motor Drivers Available
PKP Series

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  • Oriental Motor Stepper Motor PK225PB

    Oriental Motor

    Product Type: Step Motors

    The high-torque PK-P series stepping motor offers balanced performance enhanced by high torque, low vibration and low noise. Motor cables required for connection (see Accessories)
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