Oriental Motor RBK Series 1.8° Stepping Motor and Driver Package

The RBK Series is a motor and driver package consisting of a 1.8° step angle stepping motor and DC input microstep driver.

It includes Oriental Motor's proprietary Smooth Drive Function to easily achieve low vibration operation.


  • Smooth Drive Function
  • Third Harmonic Waveform Correction Function
  • Microstep Function
  • Vibration Suppression Function
  • Wide Voltage Range Driver
  • The Terminal Box Type Motor Conforms to the IP65 Standard of Ingress Protection against Dust and Water.
  • Conforming to Major Safety Standards (Terminal box type motor only)
  • Encoder Option Available
RBK Series

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  • Oriental Motor Step Motor System RBK296AA

    Oriental Motor

    Product Type: Step Motors

    Oriental Motor RBK Series combines a high current, bipolar stepping motor with a DC input microstepping driver. Microstep driver electronically divides basic step angle of the motor (1.8°/step) by up to 128, 16 different resolutions level are...
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  • Oriental Motor Microstep Driver RBD245A-V

    Oriental Motor

    Product Type: Driver

    Oriental Motor, RBK Series, Microstepping Driver (20 " 75 VDC).
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