Product Information

Below you will find answers to questions about using If you can’t find the topic you are searching for, contact us to get more information.

Product Information

How can I get more information on a product?

We try our best to give you complete and accurate information on each product we offer online but if you can't find the information you need online, request to get more Product Information

What is Customer Part Number?

You can use your company's internal part numbers to shop online. To do so, please send Valin a cross-reference list of your part numbers to ours. Once this is set, you can search and purchase using your internal part numbers right away.

How can I see my customer part numbers?

Sign in to your account and use the search bar to search by your customer part numbers.

Pricing and Availability

How is Pricing Calculated? is fully integrated with the main Valin enterprise system. All pricing queries make a live connection to our enterprise system, for completely up-to-the-minute prices for your account.

How is availability calculated?

  • In Stock - Stock is available for product
  • Not In Stock - Backorder Today - Product is available to backorder, but there is no stock available for product
Signed in Users have the advantage to see how much stock is available for each product.
  • Available: 1 - The number represents the available stock for product
  • Available: 0 - The 0 represents that there is no stock available for product

The availability of a product is determined on each individual product’s status. The availability indicates how long it will take that item to leave our warehouse once you place your order. It does not include “shipping time.”

  • In Stock/Available: 1 (or more) - Item is in stock and will ship as soon as possible.
  • Not In Stock - Backorder Today/Available: 0 - Item is not currently in stock. Order today and you will receive your order as soon as it comes in stock. Items ship to you once they arrive, and regardless of the number of shipments it takes to complete your order, you will only be charged freight once.
  • Saturday or Sunday - The products with Available: 1 (or more) on your order will ship Monday.

Search Capabilities

Is everything Valin sells available online?

Not all products are available online. If you can't find the product you need online, Request a Quote

What if I know a portion of the part number?

Enter the portion of the part number in the Search Bar and our search algorithms will match it to similar products in our database.

How do I find an Item if I don’t know the part number at all?

You can browse by scrolling over Products on the top of every page and look through our product offerings for Filtration, Motion Control & Automation and Process Control. You can also utilize the Search Bar to conduct searches on any keyword that fits best (i.e. fittings, valves, etc) and our search algorithms will match it to similar products in our database.