LV-C-030-H Mar Cor FiberFlo Hydrophobic Capsule Filters, Case of 6

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Mar Cor FiberFlo Hydrophobic Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Capsule, Large Capsule, Crossflow, 0.03 micron abs, 2 in ODx6.5 in len, Polycarb case & endcaps, in/out, Sanitary x Sanitary, 30psid max fwd, change < 15psid. Sold in case of 6.

  • Manufacturer: Mar Cor (Evoqua)
  • Capsule Size: 6.5 sq. ft.
  • Filter Rating: 0.03 µm
  • Flow Orientation: Crossflow
  • Inlet Size and Type: Sanitary Flange
  • Membrane Material: Hydrophobic Polypropylene
  • Outlet Size and Type: Sanitary Flange
  • Product Type: Hollow Fiber Capsule Filters
  • DOCS_Mar Cor Purification Hollow Fiber Capsule Filters Datasheet:
  • Product Family: FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Capsule Filters
  • Product Category: Capsule Filters

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