New DS1 Current Sensors from NK Technologies Detect Very Low DC Current Levels in Compact, Simple-to-Use Package

NK Technologies 12th Dec 2022

NK Technologies LogoSAN JOSE, CA - NK Technologies introduces DS1 DC Current Sensors. DS1 current sensors feature a compact and non-adjustable one-piece design to deliver reliable detection of very low DC current levels in a wide range of applications. Their compact and non-adjustable one-piece design simplifies installation, even in crowded control cabinets. DS1 current sensors can be powered by any DC voltage between 10- 28 volts and use the same circuit as the one being controlled, or a separate source of voltage to power the sensor as long as the circuit being controlled uses the same ground. This further simplifies installation and operation when compared with other current sensors. 

“The DS1 is a truly innovative current sensing solution that delivers significant benefits, cost-effectively, on just about any DC motor drive equipment,” says Philip Gregory, President, NK Technologies. “Not only can the DS1 provide instant indication of equipment status, it can be used as a non-intrusive safety interlock method to keep personnel safe, as an alarm contact to indicate when a load is operating or when it is not energized and as a means to detect PV system leakage by monitoring the earth bond conductor. The DS1’s contact can even be used to turn on a lighting circuit when a load is energized.” 

With the DS1, a solid state contact closes the output when there is current as low as 0.75 amps DC, and opens when there is no current. The contact can control a DC load up to one amp, up to 30 VDC. 

NK Technologies offers no-cost test and evaluation units to qualifying OEMs. Visit the Engineering Resources section of NK Technologies website for access to numerous application notes and a technology white paper on current sensing technology

12th Dec 2022 NK Technologies

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