New Easy-to-Install AT/ATR-MS Series Current Transducer From NK Technologies Accurately Monitors Loads Up to 800 Amps

NK Technologies 12th Dec 2022

ATR-MS Series Current TransducerSAN JOSE, CA - NK Technologies introduces the AT/ATR-MS Series AC Current Transducer, combining AT/ATR-MS Series AC Current Transducers current sensing element and signal conditioner into a single package. The large, easy-to-install, split-core design allows for installation over existing conductors without the need to disconnect the load, even in applications with multiple conductors per phase. Whether installing over existing conductors or in a new control system, installation is very simple and quick.

AT/ATR-MS Series AC Current Transducer features include:

  • Industry Standard Output: 4-20 mA signal proportional to the AC current, compatible with most automation systems
  • Loop Powered: Use the “live zero” output to verify proper connections where the sensor output is 4 mA with no current through the sensing ring
  • Split-core Case: Sensing window provides ample space for bus bar, single or multiple conductors
  • Factory Calibrated: Eliminates zero and span potentiometer adjustment
  • Meets UL, CUL and CE Approval
  • The MS Series is ideal for applications such as: monitoring large machines (measures current use to detect over/under current conditions before breakdowns occur); water delivery and treatment (detects open discharge lines and locates clogged filters and blocked intake to pumps); and grinding/shredding (allow for brief periods of drive overload when the processed product varies in density – if the blades hit something foreign the control will alarm or shut down the process.)
12th Dec 2022 NK Technologies

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