Easily Monitor Current Usage of Loads up to 2000 Amps with ATCR Current Transducers from NK Technologies

NK Technologies 12th Dec 2022

ATCR Current TransducersNK Technologies introduces ATCR Series Current Transducers.  ATCR flexible loop current transducers are a perfectly matched and factory calibrated sensing coil and True RMS signal conditioner that use just two wires to provide the power supply and output signal, while eliminating the need to disconnect existing wires.  This makes them a uniquely simple and convenient means of monitoring resistive or inductive loads to detect current usage on large machines using AC current up to 2000 amps.  They meet UL508 and CE requirements, making them suitable for global application.

“One of the more significant challenges faced by installers needing to monitor current or power is placing a current transformer or other sensing device over existing conductors.  Space is always at a premium inside any switchgear or control panel, and the size and shape of the conductors must be known before any sensor is selected,” says Philip Gregory, President, NK Technologies.  “It is even more difficult when the conductors are large wires or a bus bar and the time available for system de-energizing is limited. Large wire is bent and formed to fit during original installation, often using special tools designed for that purpose.  Adding current sensing to a distribution point comprised of bus bar typically forces installers to use expensive and less accurate split core current transformers, or to find a splice plate in the bus assembly where a standard CT can be inserted.”

ATCR flexible cable current sensors are specifically designed to address that challenge.  With a compact 35 mm DIN-rail mount enclosure, the ATCR series quickly and easily installs over bus bar and single or multiple conductors, wrapping around the conductor using very little space.  The cable is connected to a signal conditioner located up to several feet from the conductor to deliver an analog 4-20 mA signal proportional to AC current up to 2000 amps.  With ranges of 0 – 500 to 0 – 2000 amps and frequencies to 400 hertz, ATCR transducers are an ideal AC current monitoring solution in a wide range of irrigation pump, submersible pump, main power feed, overhead crane drive, lumber processing, recycling, aluminum processing and material processing applications.

ATCR current transducers feature True RMS technology to deliver accurate monitoring even on distorted waveforms such as VFD or phase angle-fired SCR outputs.  Single range functionality eliminates field range selection errors, as well as zero and span pots.  Additionally, output is magnetically isolated from the input for safety, which also eliminates insertion losses.

12th Dec 2022 NK Technologies

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