NK Technologies Introduces Ampflasher? Current Indicators, Expands Industry-leading Line of Current Sensors For Factory Automation

NK Technologies 12th Dec 2022

Ampflasher Current IndicatorsNK Technologies has introduced a new line of LED current indicators, complementing their existing portfolio of current sensing solutions for factory and building automation markets.  Marketed under the trade name AMPFlasher™, ACI Series current indicators offer a simple, safe, and inexpensive way to quickly and clearly see live current carrying conductors. Particularly useful for monitoring the status of heaters, motors or lighting, AMPFlasher™ current indicators can also help in troubleshooting applications or as a space saving alternative to larger current sensors in control panels and motor control buckets.

“The goal behind the AMPFlasher™ was to address an everyday need by our customers and improve upon the solutions they had as options,” says Robin Shaffer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NK Technologies. “We created a device that accurately senses current draw, even for small fractional HP motors, without having to wrap the conductor through the hole multiple times. And to make it as visible as possible from all angles and under all conditions, an LED flasher circuit was the obvious choice.”

ACI Series current indicators are ideal for use across a broad range of applications including monitoring AC motor status, confirming heater element operation, identifying power loss, monitoring critical lighting loads, indicating loss of phase, detecting loads or as a visual aid to troubleshooting. Standard AMPFlasher™ features include a 5/16 th inch ID suitable for conductors up to 100A; 500mA set point; flashing red LED; compact 1” package with cable tie for secure mounting; UL 508 Listing and RoHS Compliant certification.

Additional options include pigtail outputs for remote mounting of LED or a normally open solid-state relay. All NK Technologies products are made in the USA. For more information on the AMPFlasher™, or any other NK Technologies products, contact the factory at (800) 959-4014 or visit their website at www.nktechnologies.com.

12th Dec 2022 NK Technologies

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