Protecting Truck Tailgates

Edwards Signaling 12th Dec 2022
Protecting Truck Tailgates


Roll-up truck tailgates can be protected with magnetic contacts that have sufficient durability, gap and vibration resistance.


Select location for Interlogix switch on wood or aluminum on the truck side just forward of the track. It is best to mount near the top, at a point where the track starts bending.

Install by placing spacers behind switch to build out slightly beyond track.

Mount magnet on tailgate door using bracket. Position magnet and switch as close as possible with door closed. Mount end of magnet about 1/2" (1.27 cm) past end of switch. Make sure Sentrol labels read in same direction.

Test. Wire in leads and dress wires into place.

Do not hook directly into high-current circuit, such as vehicle horn. Use relay if switching more than 1/4 amp.


Protecting Truck Tailgates
12th Dec 2022 Edwards Signaling

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