FX hits 1k point milestone

Edwards Signaling 12th Dec 2022

FX hits 1k point milestoneKidde FX Fire alarm Control Panels have been expanded to accommodate 1,000 intelligent addressable devices, making them an ideal system to protect small to medium sized facilities. Here’s why…

For starters, two new loop controller cards push total device capacity to a stocky 1,000 points, while the addition of a powerful conventional zone card provides a seamless interface to conventional systems – ideal for retrofits and upgrades. An overhauled configuration utility ties all these improvements together in a package that makes FX system deployment both simple and sophisticated.

These improvements represent the maturation of this popular intelligent small building fire alarm panel into a robust life safety system that handles the demands of medium sized applications with ease. Despite the move to larger applications, FX Series retains its hold on small building installations with cost-saving features that benefit building owners and contractors alike.

Geared for Growth
Two new Signature Loop Controller (SLC) cards have been introduced that allow the FX series panels to extend their reach as the protected premises expands.  The new SLC cards are offered in single and dual-circuit models. These two card options make the panels flexible and adaptable to expansion from the factory default of 250 intelligent devices to 500, 750, or 1,000.  There is no need to replace the entire system or the main board electronics.  Simply install a single or dual circuit card onto a FX-1000 panel to expand it to the number of devices required and update its database accordingly.

SLC cards have all the circuitry and field terminations necessary to add capacity to FX Series panels. 

A good fit for retrofits
Another addition to this release is the introduction of a Remote Zone Interface (RZI) retrofit card.  This card provides a concentrated conventional detector interface to intelligent analog systems, allowing both intelligent and conventional mixture of devices on one system.  When facility budgets are tight and their conventional fire alarm panels are in need of replacement, the RZI cards can breach the gap between legacy conventional devices and the advantages that come along with an intelligent FX series panel. The RZI cards can accommodate up to sixteen conventional initiating (IDC) and two output circuits. Each IDC may select from nineteen available device types, while each output has ten device types to select from. This flexibility makes the RZI card an ideal solution for retrofit applications.  In fact, the RZI can even use existing wiring under most circumstances.

12th Dec 2022 Edwards Signaling

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