UE Precision Sensors TS12T Series Temperature Sensors

The TS12T Series Temperature Sensor utilizes a Platinum Wirewound RTD element that is hermetically sealed within a 300 series stainless steel housing with integral Military type receptacle or free wire leads. The pressure fitting, probe length and receptacle are customizable to meet specific application requirements. The temperature sensor can be configured using temperature coefficients of .00385 (European) or .00392 (American). Nominal resistance values of 100, 500 and 1000 ohms can be specified. Custom resistance vs. temperature curves may also be available.

TS12T Series

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  • UE Precision Sensors TS12T Series Temperature Sensor
    TS12T Series

    UE Precision Sensors

    Product Type: Temperature Sensors

    Precision Sensors line of RTD temperature probes has been designed to maximize isolation of the element and the probe from the mounting fitting and shell. This results in faster response and the least possible conductivity error. The standard...
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