Velcon (Parker Hannifin) ASL Series Aquacon® Solvent Filter Cartridges

Water and Dirt Removal from Solvents

Originally developed for the demanding requirements of aviation jet fuel filtration, Aquacon® Cartridges have been modified for use with a variety of solvents. In addition to filtering particles, these high performance cartridges remove all free and emulsified water down to less than 10 parts per million.

Filtered water is locked into the cartridge's inner superabsorbent media and can not be squeezed out. When a cartridge reaches its water holding limit, this media expands and shuts off the flow of unfiltered solvent until the cartridge is replaced. A rapid increase in differential pressure signals the operator to change the cartridge.

Aquacon Cartridges are also excellent dirt filters. Silt, rust, and other particles are removed by the cartridge's outer filter media. The pleated accordion style design provides a high capacity surface.

Special epoxy bonding materials enable Aquacon Cartridges to function in difficult solvent environments. They hold the filter media together, bond the end caps to the media, and bond the gaskets to the end caps. Viton-A® is used as a gasket material on ASL-51201 Cartridges while the ASL-71801 Models employ a special synthetic material for that purpose.

ASL Series

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  • Parker Velcon Water Absorbing Filter Cartridge

    Velcon (Parker Hannifin)

    Product Type: Water Filter Cartridges

    Discounts available for FBO's or GSE's. Fill out the Discount form to request special pricing. Parker Velcon ASL Series Water Absorbing Filter Cartridge, 5-5/8" OD x 12-1/4" L, 1 Micron, 75 PSID Collapse, 50 GPM, Aluminum...
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