Panasonic GTWIN2 Series Programming software for GT-series

Panasonic GTWIN Ver. 2.8 or later is not compatible with Windows® 95, 98, Me or NT. The menu can be indicated in Japanese/English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/German/Italian/Spanish/French. You can also register your preset original parts easily by drag-and- drop operations. 3D-design buttons with higher visibility and operability are available. You can easily create screens by just dragging parts from the library and dropping them anywhere you want. In the previous version, the required parts library had to be selected from the menu every time it was needed. The new version displays a list of parts libraries, making them more user-friendly. You can also freely set the parts library window size. You can output screen images in bitmap form and use them in off-the-shelf applications. This is useful for preparing equipment operation manuals.

GTWIN2 Series

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