Panasonic GT02 Series Compact Advanced Display with 3.8 inch High-Contrast Monochrome LCD

Panasonic GT02 GT series displays use an analog-touch panel where locations of parts and characters can be adjusted in increments of one dot. The adoption of the Windows® font has widened the character size selection (10 to 240 dots), making the screen design more flexible. One bar graph has a maximum of eight bars and can be combined with line graphs. The unit can display screens in portrait orientation and can therefore be installed in narrow spaces, expanding system design possibilities and contributing to size reduction. The portrait display is also ideal for slim equipment without enough space to install a display. A flowing message of up to 64 characters (two-byte) can be displayed at the bottom of the screen. (128 messages) Multiple operations are possible. For example, screens can be switched by setting multiple values. High-definition 240 x 96 dots LCD produces crisp images. The analog touch screen technology does not display any annoying visible dots or lines. The color combination is green/orange/red or white/red/pink. The backlight ensures both operability and visibility.

GT02 Series

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