Panasonic FP0R Series Ultra-Compact PLCs

Our Mission is to Maximize Customer Benefits with Outstanding Products Enhancing Advanced Functionality and Performance. The Answer is Panasonic FP0R, Superior to Basic Ultra-compact Models. The control unit is small at 90 mm 3.54 in in height and 25 mm 0.98 in in width. Even when expanded with three expansion units, the total width is only 100 mm. The ultra-compact space-saving body size facilitates the miniaturization of target machines, equipment, and control panels. The number of I/O points is expandable up to 128 by adding three expansion units having 32 I/O points each to one control unit equipped with 32 I/O points. Only one cable is required for communications with the "Control FPWIN Pro" or "Control FPWIN GR" programming tool. Equipped with both USB 2.0 and RS232C ports. Multi-axis (4-axis) control is available without expansion units. The built-in 4-axis pulse outputs allow multi-axis motor control without positioning units or other expansion units. The F type (FP0R-F32) has a built-in FeRAM, which is a cutting-edge device that allows the automatic saving of all data without a backup battery. Individual settings for acceleration and deceleration (available for F171, F172, and F174 instructions) - The acceleration time and deceleration time can be individually set.

FP0R Series

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