Panasonic FP-X Series Programmable Logic Controllers

Panasonic FP-X PLC comes with a wide range of features suitable for most applications and is designed to save development cost. Ultra high processing speed of 0.32 µsec per instruction (executes a 5 Kstep program in 1.9 msec). Large program capacity of 16, or 32 Kstep exceeds the capacity of most compact PLCs. Expandable up to 382 I/O points, low cost coordinated motion, analog, and communication cassette options are also available. Excellent for communication applications with the ability to network 16 FP-X (master to master network), or 99 FP-X (master to slave network). Modbus RTU master and slave supported (will support up to 63 slave per master). Built-in 8 channels of high speed counters with speeds up to 10 KHz per channel (optional high speed counters also available with speeds up to 80 KHz). USB connection, built-in power supply, removable screw terminals are only a few of the well thought out features of the FP-X PLC. The transistor type FP-X comes with up to 4 axis of built-in pulse outputs (AFPX-C14 supports 3 axis). Each motion axis can operate independently or as 2 pairs of linear interpolation. The transistor outputs are designed for rugged operation with up to 0.5 Amp load simultaneously on all outputs. The relay type FP-X is also capable of motion by using an optional pulse cassette.

FP-X Series

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