Panasonic FM-200 Series Integrated Display Type Digital Flow Sensors

Panasonic FM-200 series can control and manage flows in a wide variety of output modes such as integrated output mode, depending on the required application. The setting conditions are displayed on the sub display, making it much easier to keep track of operations. In addition, the digital display which switches between 2 colors lets you check the status of sensor operation at a glance. A new rectification mechanism and Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) technology allow the sensor to be mounted on a Si sensor chip (3 x 3.5 mm 0.118 x 0.138 in). This provides an extremely small heat capacity, high precision of ±3 % F.S. and high-speed response. The two temperature sensors on each side of the heater detect the heat distribution to make bidirectional detection possible. A single sensor can detect flows bidirectionally. In addition, it can be set to detect flows in either the forward or reverse direction only, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

FM-200 Series

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