Omron G5 Series Servo Systems

Extreme mechatronics...At the heart of every great machine.

Great machines are born from a perfect match between control and mechanics. The G5 Series gives you the extra edge to build more accurate, faster, smaller and safer machines. You will benefit from an almost 25% reduction in motor weight, and gain 50% cabinet space.

You will achieve sub micron precision and ms settling time. Some might call it perfection, we just call it tireless innovation to help you build great machines.

Rugged and smart design

  • IP67 motor and connectors
  • No flying leads
  • 5G vibration resistance

40% reduction in motor clogging

  • Use of 10 pole motors
  • Improved technology to minimize the encoder non-lineal errors

8 times higher resolution

  • 20 bit encoder
  • Faster processor

25% lighter and 15% smaller

  • Patented new stator PACK & CLAMP technology
  • 40% reduction in iron losses
  • 45% smaller encoder

EtherCAT Connectivity

  • Compliant with CoE
  • CiA402 Drive Profile
  • Cyclic synchronous Position, Velocity and Torque modes
  • Embedded Gear Ratio, Homing and Profile Position mode
  • Distributed clock to ensure high precision synchronization
G5 Series

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