Omron BF-[ ]/BS-1(T) Electrode Holder

Complete Lineup for Use in High-temperature, High-pressure Environments or Where Exposed to Chemicals

  • The BF-1 is ideal for liquids with low specific resistance, such as wastewater.
  • The BF-[ ](R) is used when a strong mounting is required.
  • The BS-1 is used when high-temperature, high-pressure resistant is required.
  • The BS-1T is used when corrosion resistance is required.
BF-[ ]/BS-1(T)

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  • omron bs series level switch electrode holder


    OMRON BS Series Level Switch Electrode Holder, 100 Mega Ohm Resistance, Fluorocarbon Polymer Insulator, Holder for 1-Pole Electrode Level Switch.
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