Omron A22TK Series Safety Key Selector Switch

Prevent operators from being trapped inside hazardous areas while performing maintenance activities

Performing routine maintenance or unplanned repairs during a machine stop exposes your maintenance team to many hazards. With the A22TK Selector Switch, you can minimize the risk of an unexpected start-up by selecting between normal operation and maintenance mode. Increase the impact of your machine safety strategy by combining it with the D4JL Guard Lock Safety door switch or the D4SL-SK10-LK Slide Key unit. Moreover, the A22TK series offers 30 types of exclusive keys to increase tamper resistance on the factory floor and reduce your risk.

  • Selector Switch for secure equipment activation during maintenance.
  • 30 types of exclusive keys make it more difficult to disable.
  • The trapped key of the D4JL Guard Lock Safety-door Switch has the same shape as the locking key of the D4SL-SK10-LK Slide Key Unit. Units can be combined to improve safety. (Specify the same key type.)
  • Common to the switch part of Emergency Stop Switch A22E. (Non-lighted model only)
A22TK Series

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