IAI Intelligent Actuator P-Driver PULSEDRIVE Input Driver

Pulse-Train Input Driver for Positioning

P-Driver is a pulse-train input driver that enables flexible operation of IAI's ROBO Cylinder and single-axis automation robots.

  • Dedicated Homing Signal
  • Torque Limiting Function
  • Brake Control Function
  • Feedback Function
  • Feed-Forward Control Function
  • Position-Command Primary Filter Function

(Certain types of ROBO Cylinder electric actuators cannot be operated by P-Driver. Please contact IAI for more info.)


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  • Intelligent Actuator Regenerative Resistance Unit

    IAI Intelligent Actuator

    Product Type: Resister Units

    Intelligent Actuator, PDR: P-Driver Series, regenerative resistance unit, 220 Ohms (80W) built-in regenerative resistance, 1m controller link cable (CB-ST-REU010), W34mm x H195mm x D126mm.
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